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2022-10-18 23:56:54 By : Mr. David Zeng

Magic MP spa will present new EBM auto adjustment, electric accumulator-head technology, a larger ISBM machine, a quick-mold-change system, and robotic product handling/palletizing at this month’s show in Düsseldorf. #kshow

Magic’s all-electric ME Series EBM machines will feature eight auto-adjustment feaures, including electrically driven changing of head center distances from the operator control panel. (Photo: Magic MP) Low Volume Injection Molding

Magic of Italy ( is expanding its capabilities in several directions, as evidenced by its exhibits at the K 2022 show later this month. It is introducing new control technology and automation capabilities for its extrusion blow molding (EBM) machines, as well as its largest size yet in injection-stretch-blow (ISBM) machines, a new process capability in accumulator-head machinery, a new quick-changeover system, and “smart” robotic parts handling and sorting.

An all-electric ME-series EBM machine (Magic makes only all-electric machines) will feature its new SAM (Self Adjustment Machine) technology for eight different auto adjustments, including an electrically driven system for changing head center distances from the operator control panel, rather than mechanical adjustments on the press (patent applied for). This machine will also show off a new quick-change system that reportedly allows for a complete format changeover of molds (with magnetic mounting), blow pins and center distances in just 45 min. Like all Magic machines produced today, it will have internet connectivity for remote monitoring and service support.

The first commercial version of the MTM 170 one-stage ISBM machine, Magic’s largest yet, will debut at K from the new GammaPlast by Magic subsidiary. It has a 25-ton clamp and a new rotary-table design that provides easy access for mold changes. This exhibit also will show off downstream capabilities of the new Magic Robotica subsidiary, using a robot arm to palletize bottles.

Another Magic Robotica innovation at the show is a standalone robot with vision system that can pick different shapes or colors of bottles from a single belt conveyor and place them on different pallets. This allows for significant labor savings by allowing multiple blow molding machines to accumulate bottles on a common conveyor for subsequent sorting and palletizing by robot – all unattended.

Another patent-applied-for development at the show is an electrically driven accumulator head, which signals an expansion of the company’s process capabilities in all-electric EBM beyond continuous-extrusion models.

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