Overwatch 2 "lag and rubberbanding" possible fix and more

2022-10-14 09:18:59 By : Ms. Shandy Shi

Overwatch 2 players are experiencing another common issue in-game. Their character rubberband and lag. While this error usually indicates a server-side issue, users can try a few methods to tweak the settings and resolve the bug.

Overwatch 2 was recently released by Blizzard Entertainment in an attempt to extend the legacy of the prequel. The original title became a runaway success and spawned a healthy esports ecosystem. However, Overwatch 2 has been plagued with bugs and issues since it launched. Cat6a Socket

OW 2 had a rocky start after its global launch, with all the hype since the beta phase. Various inconsistencies and issues flooded the game, which made it unplayable for some players.

Lag is a common term used in the online community to express network latency issues in a game. Rubberbanding is another issue that causes the in-game characters to jitter and moves back and forth repeatedly. Both issues share some codependency, so the fixes should possibly fix both.

A hard reset for network adapters helps to clear network clutter and start fresh. It is a simple method in which you need to switch off the main network adapter hardware and wait for at least 30 seconds before switching it on again. Reconnect the network and log in to the game to check if the issue is resolved.

A DNS flush can help the user's network get a more direct route to connect to the game by clearing previously saved IPs and cache, reducing network latency.

The entire PC is a silicon ecosystem interdependent on every other component. Even if one of the drivers is outdated, it can affect the performance the machine can output. This can contribute to the issue of rubberbanding at times and having all the drivers up to date is a great method to avoid unnecessary hindrance.

It is not uncommon for the internet to be inconsistent at times. This can happen due to multiple users using the name network simultaneously. This can strain the internet connection if the bandwidth is insufficient or the internet speeds are low.

The issue may also be at the Internet Service Provider’s (ISP) end and is worth checking up on once. Users can also request support from their respective ISPs for network issues.

If none of the mentioned fixes solve the issue for the player, they can opt to contact the Blizzard Support Team and raise a ticket. The team may be able to provide a more permanent fix for the issue and solve it entirely.

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