Dunstable Fire Department awarded grant for new safety equipment

2022-12-23 20:45:59 By : Mr. Leo Gong


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Dunstable Fire Department awarded grant for new safety equipment

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DUNSTABLE — The Fire Department was recently awarded a grant as part of the state’s Department of Fire Services’ Fiscal Year 2023 Firefighter Safety Equipment Grant Program, Fire Chief William Farrell announced in a press release.

The program, meant to provide local fire departments with a “variety of equipment that makes the dangerous job of firefighting safer,” awarded a total of $5 million to more than 300 departments across the state, according to the press release. For Dunstable, the $9,496.25 grant will be used to replace numerous pieces of safety equipment, including “front line thermal imaging cameras” as well as “spare batteries for reverse thermal imaging cameras” and “portable scene lighting.”

This is the third year that funding has been awarded by the program, part of a five-year, $25 million bond bill filed by the Baker-Polito administration to support firefighter safety and health.

Massachusetts fire departments were able to apply to the program for 121 different types of eligible equipment, including ballistic protective clothing, thermal protective clothing, gear washers and dryers, thermal imaging cameras, assorted hand tools and extrication equipment, communications resources, hazardous gas meters, fitness equipment and more.

State Fire Marshal Peter Ostroskey praised local firefighters for their work and called the program “absolutely vital” to local fire departments.

“Every time a firefighter goes to work, they could be asked to rescue a child from a burning building, clean up a spill of hazardous materials, treat a patient with a contagious medical condition, or rush into a hostile event to rescue and treat victims,” Ostroskey said. “This program is absolutely vital to helping fire departments prepare for the vast array of hazards they face today and making sure that firefighters go home safe after every call.”

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Dunstable Fire Department awarded grant for new safety equipment

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